At Mikkelgammen you get insight into the fascinating Sami culture. Sitting by the fire inside the hut, on a cover of birch branches and reindeer skins, you are served a Sami meal, based on nature’s own resources.

Of course, you have guaranteed when you visit us in the summer. Every summer the island is filled with reindeer, which has its summer pastry around Hammerfest. Absolute re (i) n happiness you can experience at Mikkelgammen.

Mikkel and Solveig are reinsams from Kautokeino who take you into his magic world. The Sami has lived in Finnmark for thousands of years. It is at Mikkel and Solveig you can learn about the indigenous people of the Nordic region. Join joiking (singing) around the fire and listen to stories about life with reindeer. Enjoy the great food and become part of the exciting culture. In the encounter with Mikkel and Solveig, stories of reinvestment, natural forces and excellent good food become an unforgettable experience. 

    Mikkelgammen – Sami camp

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