The Polar Bear Society

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Welcome to The Royal and Ancient Polar Bear Society to everyone who visits Hammerfest!

Did you know that the The Royal and Ancient Polar Bear Society is the world's second largest club, in terms of number of members? At this moment, the club has more than 282,000 registered members (January 2024)!

The popular club has been on the move from its old location at the harbour. You will find us in the main street, directly across the road from the Arctic Cultural Centre. The address is Strandgata 29, 9600 Hammerfest.


When visiting you can become a member of the society if you haven't already done so. Here you can also look at our exhibition where you can learn more about our history, particularly related to Arctic sea fishing and risky expeditions. It's free entry! Right next to the club we have a tourist information office, as well as the Visit Hammerfest showroom, where we sell locally produced goods and provide information for all our visistors.

Annual meeting

The annual meeting of the society is held on the third Sunday in January every year at 18.00 in the Polar Bear Society, Hammerfest. At previous meetings we have been joined by members from countries such as Norway, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. The meeting is a perfect opportunity to (re)visit Hammerfest during January when the sun is returning and the Northern Lights normally are quite active!

Opening hours

Click here to see our opening hours.

We look forward to seeing you!

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