Writen by: Katrine Næss

Rolvsøya is a beautiful island on top of the world. The island is located on the coast outside Havøysund and there are approx. 70 people here. There is a convenience store, a chapel, kindergarten, primary and secondary school, as well as accommodation options.

On the west side of the island is the fishing village of Tufjord and on the east side is the beach resort Gunnarnes. There is a road between the sites.

The island is incredibly rich in bird, animal and plant life. Wild sheep roam the mountain Valfjordnæringen in the summer, and the marshes are teeming with bird life. In addition, the island is full of hares, which you will soon encounter if you go for a walk here. Plant life also sprouts here in the summer. The opportunity for hunting, fishing and berry picking is great!

Pictured above is Stopparfjord, which is the most popular destination on the island. The trip there takes approx. 1 hour from the main road and is marked with a path and signs. This is an incredibly great trip that allows you to see the beautiful nature on Rolvsøya. Rolvsøya also has many other nice hiking trails that take you through fantastic untouched nature - see for more hikes and hiking information.

Tufjord Brygge

Tufjord brygge offers accommodation in charming sea houses and apartments by the sea. The area is surrounded by incredible coastal nature. Here you have access to the quay, floating jetty, conservatory with sitting area and barbecue. Boats and fishing equipment are also available for hire in the area. In addition, they harvest berries and herbs on the island, and produce jam, syrup and jelly here.


The wonderful hosts at Tufjord brygge are helpful with most things on the island - including transport and guided tours.


Phone: +47 900 90 569

• Email: 

• Address: Nesset, 9670 Tufjord

• Website:

Getting to and from Rolvsøya

With boat

There are boats to Rolvsøya from Havøysund, Hammerfest and Alta. See for timetables. Enter where you are traveling from/to and which day to find times. The quay on Rolvsøya is called Gunnarnes kai.

From Havøysund it is possible to take a car with you. Please note that there are limited car spaces and it is not possible to reserve in advance.


With car

If you want to take your car to Rolvsøya, you must drive to Havøysund and take the ferry to Rolvsøya.

Please note that there are limited car spaces and it is not possible to reserve in advance.


By plane

The nearest airport is Hammerfest Airport. From here you have to take a boat to Rolvsøya - which takes about 1 hour.


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