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Ingøy is a pearl located at 71º N. The island was Finnmark's capital in the 16th century and is known for its resource-rich fishing banks and extreme nature experiences. The island is also known for the Fruholmen lighthouse, which was manned until 2006. The lighthouse is now automated, but can be visited by interested parties. The nature is exciting, fresh and beautiful with rich plant and bird life. Over 150 birds have been registered, of which 60 are nesting.

On the island there is a church, grocery store with post office and opportunities for accommodation and boat hire. Ingøy Sjøhus offers apartment and boat rentals.


  • Fruholmen lighthouse
  • Historic nature trail with posted information posts
  • Sanden nature reserve
  • Remains of a whaling station
  • Remains of Ingøy Radio, which was bombed during World War II
  • Cormorant colony
  • Northern Europe's tallest building - Long wave mast 362 m

Otherwise, you may experience:

  • Archipelago with countless small islands, islets and reefs
  • Varied hiking terrain and nice cycle paths
  • Rich bird and plant life.
  • Large molt bogs
  • Hunting opportunities (goose and hare)
  • Excellent opportunities for sea fishing
  • Good conditions for sport diving
  • Peak tours to Mafjordfjellet, Ingafjellet and Vaktstufjellet
  • Hiking over Skaret (between Inga and Finnes)

Ingøy Sjøhus

Ingøy Sjøhus today consists of two cabins, both of which can accommodate up to 6 people. The cabins have all the equipment you need - including TV and wood stove. In addition, they offer accommodation all year round in Ingøyfrua, which is the old Ingøy school.


On the wharf there are good mooring areas, a large freezer room, wardrobes, opportunities to sharpen knives and a crane for heavy lifting. If you are going to do sea fishing, you need to bring good clothing with floatation elements, fishing equipment and something to take the fish home in. Food and drink can be bought at the local shop.


You can also rent boats here. The boats are equipped with chartplotters, GPS and sonar.


In addition, you can make use of a gas grill, a sauna and a hot tub that can be rented. A barbecue house has been set up right next to the cabin, which provides good opportunities for grilling the day's catch. Ingøy Sjøhus has a car that can be borrowed for sightseeing around the island or for a trip to the shop.


Telephone: +47 905 26 702

• E-mail:

• Address: Laukholmen, 9672 Ingøy

• Website:

Getting to and from Ingøya

With boat

There is a fast ferry to Ingøy from Havøysund and Hammerfest. See for timetables. Enter where you are traveling from/to and which day to find times.


With car

It is not possible to bring a car to Ingøya, other than to make an agreement with the speedboat to load the car on board in Havøysund and off again on the island.


By plane

The nearest airport is Hammerfest Airport. From here you can take a boat to Ingøya - which takes approx. 1 hour.

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