Explore Seiland - a captivating island rich in nature and history

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Discover the beauty of Seiland, an island rich in nature and history. Human traces dating back over 7000 years and stories from the Second World War make this island unique and worth visiting. 

A Hidden Gem in Northern Europe's Wilderness

Seiland is divided into a northern and a southern part, where the northern part offers boat access to Hammerfest, and the southern part connects to Alta. Seiland National Park covers more than half of the island, including mainland Europe's two northernmost glaciers. The park is a haven to untouched nature, making it Northern Europe's most inaccessible national park. The island offers a diverse range of plant life and animal life, thanks to the low human impact.

From Sámi Traditions to Unique Island Activities

Hønsøybotn lays on the northern part of the island, where you'll find a local shop with a petrol station, as well as services for rudder and boat rental. You can find various activities across the island, including guided tours, farm visits and great opportunities to experience Sami culture. You can also find Seiland Explore, which is based in Hønsøybotn. They provide accommodation and numerous island activities. If you want to learn more about the island's war history, rent a boat or get a guided boat tour, they can provide you with this. 

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Experience Farm Life at Seiland

If you are interested in farm activities, Myrnes Gård is a must-visit destination for a rural experience. Here, visitors can enjoy close encounters with sheep and lambs, horseback riding adventures and treasure hunts along the shore where they can craft unique jewlery from natural finds like driftwood and reindeer antlers. 

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Embrace the History and Adventures at Seiland

Seiland offers a unique mix of nature and history. An island, where the past and present blends together in beautiful surroundings. It also serves as a window to Sami culture and tells the story of life through thousands of years. A visit to Seiland can provide both calmness to the soul and exciting discoveries, leaving a lasting impression.

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