National Tourist Route and pleasant Havøysund

Writen by: Katrine Næss

The National Tourist Route to Havøysund offers a great variety of nature and cultural experiences! Although the drive can be completed in less than 1 hour, it is recommended to have plenty of time to explore several of the stops on the road a little more closely. We list some of the highlights here:

  • Start - Kokelv, the Sea Sami village

The National Tourist Route starts right at the small village of Kokelv, which has around 130 inhabitants. Kokelv has traditionally lived by fishing, and a large part of the population has Sea Sami origins. At the Kokelv Sea Sami Museum, you can learn more about the Sea Sami by visiting a 1950s restoration house, furnished with Sea Sami treasures in the form of clothing, tools, furniture, an accompanying barn and boathouse with an impressive collection of boats. Kokelv Church may also be worth a visit, as the church has a very special history. It was, like the rest of Finnmark, burned down during the Second World War. But after the war, German youths came to the village to rebuild a new church in Kokelv.


  • Accommodation:

In Kokelv you will find Aurora Glamping, which offers accommodation completely outside the "usual". They have an "Arctic Dome" where you can, among other things, sleep under the northern lights when the conditions are right for it. In addition, they have a Sami-inspired gammer, with accommodation, kitchen and bathroom, a large wooden lavvu where groups can eat good food around the fire, and a luxury cabin. In the area there are many nice hiking trails, a river with a pool, a hot tub for those who prefer it, and the opportunity to carry out many exciting activities!


  • Watch out for the Sphinx!

From Kokelv, the trip continues along county road 889, towards Snefjord. On the way you pass many fascinating rock formations, including a formation similar to the Sphinx in Egypt. On one side of the road you have the fjord, and rock cliffs and strange formations on the other side. It can be difficult to prioritize where to look, because in the fjord it is not uncommon to spot porpoises, or the majestic sea eagle. But the stones are really special!

  • Lillefjord

In Lillefjord there is a rest stop with toilet facilities, benches, and the start of a hiking trail that leads a short distance up the mountain towards some impressive waterfalls. You can see the falls from the main road and you don't have to walk if you don't want to, but a little stretch can be good for your legs!


  • Selvika offers wow - especially at sunset

We'll let the picture speak for itself. Søkkiværet, it's nice here! Selvika is a rest area a little out of the ordinary, one might say? Go down to the sandy beach and watch the sun set on the horizon - or not - if it's the midnight sun. Here, it's just a matter of snapping pictures on the way!


  • Havøysund - a vibrant fishing village at 71 degrees north

Havøysund - a vibrant fishing village at 71 degrees north

When you finally drive around the last bend and catch sight of Havøysund, it's almost unbelievable. Such a big fishing village, here? You probably expected something less. But in Havøysund it is full of life, with boats coming and going under the bridge. Maybe they have king crabs with them in port? The windmills that spin on the plateau above the village. Rorbue, hotels, and small niche shops. In addition, there are several great hiking destinations, such as to the cairn, with a view over the Barents Sea and the windmills.

In the summer, you must remember to watch out for reindeer along all the roads in the Hammerfest region, as reindeer graze along the coast.


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