In Struve's footstep to Tyven

Do you want to go all the way to the top? Join us for a guided tour to the Mountain Tyven, 418 meters above sea level. 

The Mountain Tyven (the Thief) was an important mesuring point of Friedrich Georg Wilhelm von Struves project of mesuring the Earths shape and size. Our guide will tell you more about the hard work they put down, all by foot, and how it changes science to the next level. 

We start of from the center, passing through town and by the church before we walk up Gammelveien (the old trail). There is a steep climb up the mountain. The guide will also introduce you all about the unique history of Hammerfest on the way, we will have several breaks and time to enjoy the view, and a lunch break on a suited spot. On our way back down, we will go to Salen, and down the historical Zig-zag path. 


  • Location: Hammerfest
  • Type of activity: Activities
  • Season: Summer
  • Capacity:
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