Hunting the Northern Lights

This trip is a search for the Aurora Borealis around Porsangerfjorden and in the area around Hammerfest. Based on our experience, the latest weather forecast, wind direction and a wide network of knowledgeable locals and guides, we take you to the best spots to hunt the magical Northern Lights.

The Lady in Green, as we also call the Northern Lights, is so much more than just beautiful. It is history, myths and folklore. It is traditions and religions. Did you know the pirates of the Mediterranean believed the Northern Lights lighted up the sky whenever someone crossed over to the realm of the dead. Our guide will tell you all about the myths of the Northern Light, local, national and international.

We use a car or a bus as our base for shelter and to find hot drinks and snacks. This is a fascinating way of searching for the Northern Lights and enjoying the beautiful landscape, even in dark of the Arctic Night.

What to bring: Warm clothes and boots, hat, scarf, mittens.

Included: A knowledgeable and dedicated English-speaking Northern Lights guide, transport by car or bus, hot beverage and snack, reflector vest for use during the trip.

Distance: Depending on conditions

Duration: 1-4 hours depending on conditions

Degree of difficulty: 1/4

Number of guests: 2-50

Age limit: 8 years.

Price: NOK 1200,- per person

Season: October - February

Availability: Based on conditions


  • Location: Hammerfest, Porsanger
  • Type of activity: Activities
  • Season: Winter
  • Capacity:
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