Day to weekend trips with M/S Gamle Mårøy

  • Day trip to Store Bekkarfjord in Seiland National Park, with hike to Melkefossen, the highest (mightiest) waterfall in West Finnmark.
  • Weekend trip to Tufjord on Rolvsøya. We live with Siss Heidi at Tufjord pier and on board Mårøy. The next day: Summit trip to Kallen and Pålkeilneset by Tufjord, possibly day trip to Stoppelfjorden (by transport).
  • Day trip to Revneshamn, the most remote settlement in Hammerfest municipality, with only five permanent residents. Hike from Revsneshamn to Bekkarbukt, where we explore the unique coastal landscape. Grendelaget invites you to dinner at the brewery.
  • Historic Day at Slettnes (Sørøya) with the theme: Slettnes – a piece of Northern Norwegian history through almost 10,000 years – an incredibly long period of time. A collaboration between Slettnes bygdelag, Hammerfest municipality and Gamle Mårøy.
  • Day trip to Gåshopen (Sørøya). The most remote place on the whole of the South Island – a natural gem of the rare!
  • Day trip to Bondøya and Store and Lille Kamøya on the outer side of Sørøya – the outermost outpost in Hammerfest municipality. We make beach cuts in Sørbukta on Store Kamøya and hike up to the cairn at the top of the island, 292 See the ocean from the top of Store Kamøya – a spectacular nature experience.
  • Sørøya Round – weekend trip with beach hog in Sørsandfjord nature reserve (the longest sandy beach in Finnmark) and accommodation in Sørvær.
  • Weekend trip to Loppa municipality with beachheads in Bergsfjord and on Loppa island. Nature experiences are in line.
  • Day trip to Burstad – where no one would think that nobody could live – in Måsøya municipality.
  • Weekend trip (June) to Gjesvær in Nordkapp municipality with a Bird Safari to Gjesværstappen, one of Europe's largest bird cliffs with over 1 million nesting puffins and many other bird species. Guided tour and dinner in Gjesvær – a natural pearl by the North Cape.


  • Location: Hammerfest
  • Type of activity: Activities
  • Season: Winter, Summer
  • Capacity: 10 min
    M/S Gamle Mårøy is a protected vessel, built at Kaarbø’s mechanical workshop, Harstad in 1959. It is operated by Gamle Mårøy A/S, together with security crews in the association Gamle Mårøy’s friends.

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