Accommodations with history in Seiland

We can offer up to 55 beds, divided into eight residential units in Hønseby. All housing units are distinctive and tell their own stories. While the apartments tell stories of fishing adventures and hunting records, our two guesthouses bear witness to stories from war and reconstruction, our attempts to preserve history and our identity as Finnmarkings and fish farmers. All accommodation units are furnished, modern and comfortable to ensure a comfortable and uncomplicated stay. All accommodation units are located on or by the pier belonging to Seiland Explore, in the middle of Hønseby. The location invites you to short or long walks in the surroundings – the adventure is right on your doorstep.


Accommodation options


We have two apartments located just inside the island, about 5 minutes walking distance to the shop, the quay and the entrance to Seiland National Park. Here you have a lovely view from the apartment over the sea and the surrounding area.


Seilandstuva – Panorama. The house is located right across the street from the pier and the shop building. From here

you have a fantastic view of the bay, and the mountains in the national park shine on the horizon. In summer, you can sit in the garden all night and experience the midnight sun. In winter, you can see the Northern Lights' colourful and beautiful play over the fjord. Then it is perfect for warming up the barbecue hut and enjoying the tranquility by the fjord.


Veggen. The green cabin is located right in front of the quay with a fantastic view of Sørøysundet and "Veggen", a unique rock formation. The house has a pleasant open solution with the living room, kitchen and dining area under a high ceiling.

Large windows open up to a fantastic view, which you can enjoy in the evening when silence descends. The large kitchen is fully equipped and provides plenty of space for cooking. Here, the catch of the day can be prepared for a fantastic meal. In summer, you can sit on the veranda and enjoy everything from your morning coffee to the midnight sun.


Kongekrabben. The house is located right by the quay with a view to the boats and the fjord. Should you have caught a 20 kg cod, it is a quick way from the boat to the kitchen, a short-travelled men's meal with the freshest fish you can experience. The house has its own veranda where you can enjoy long days overlooking the sea. In late autumn you can see the Northern Lights in their full glory over the fjord. Right behind the house is the shop where you can buy all the groceries and a good deal of fishing equipment. The house was built in 2016 and has modern facilities. The cabin is equipped with a sauna where you can warm up after a long day at sea or in the mountains. The house is only rented out in connection with boat rental. Out of season, the cabin can be rented out on request to accommodation only.


Our three cabins (Steinbitstua, Torskestua, Kveitestua) are located right by the quay, a stone's throw from the marina. Here you get close to the sea, without getting wet feet. In winter, the winter storm howls over the pier, and in summer you can experience long nights on the veranda overlooking beautiful Sørøysund. The cottages are small but practical at 49 m2. Here there is room for 4 people, divided into 2 bedrooms. There is also the possibility of knocking out the sofa bed and making room for another one. All cabins are equipped with a sauna, so you can warm up after a long day at sea, or when coming down from a refreshing mountain hike. Right behind the house is the shop where you can buy all the groceries as well as a good deal of fishing equipment. The cabins are only rented out in connection with boat rental. Out of season, these can be rented out on request to accommodation only.


  • Location: Seiland
  • Type of activity: Accommodation
  • Season: Winter, Summer
  • Capacity: 55 max
    Seiland Explore was established in 2005 by André Larsen and his wife Marilou who still own and manage the company.

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