All-Inclusive Summer Tour


• In summer there are many activities the group can experience. 

• We have some mandatory ones that people want. A guided tour to the North Cape. The tourist route to Havøysund and experience of local food.

• We plan experiences and activities with the individual group. It all depends on what they want to experience and do.

• Kokelv is surrounded by a hospitable nature and guided hiking for fishing, picking cloudberries or mushrooms is of course something we organize and guide. Often we go for a walk to a fishing lake, eat good food and drink campfire coffee or something else good

• How about rowing out in a pointed boat at sea and fishing your own fish for dinner? Revsbotn, which Kokelv is adjacent to, is very rich in fish.

• Finnmark otherwise has a lot to offer and we at Aurora Glamping want to exploit what the local area has to offer


• We have several different facilities that the group can stay in. Many people prefer our huts. Here you sleep incredibly well and you don't hear any sounds.

• The big gamma itself is modern and has furnishings like a modern cabin should have. Double beds, nice toilet with shower and combined living room and kitchen.

• Our comfortable Arctic Dome is located at the top of the plot. Imagine lying here watching the Northern Lights and waking up to the view over Revsbotn. Such experiences are remembered. You can vary between gammer and Arctic Dome.

• Maybe a sea eagle flies by. It may be hunting for the fox that may come strolling.

• Some people prefer our Luxury Cabin which is really styled as a very modern cabin. It's on the other side of the river and you feel like you're at the end of the world. Many people sit in the window and look out over Revsbotn while "hunting" for the Northern Lights.


  • Location: Kokelv
  • Type of activity: Activities
  • Season: Summer
  • Capacity: 2-4 pax
    Ranveig and Frank Jon are hosts to guests staying at the luxury cottage and in the arctic dome. The history of Aurora and midnightsun glamping started about 15 years ago.

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