Audio Guiding, In Bjørn Sundqists Footsteps

Rørt Bjørn Sundquist – shares stories from his birthplace Hammerfest.

The stories, with Sundquist's voice and pictures, are available in the Voice Of Norway app, which you can download on your own smartphone. 

Join us on a tour of the streets of Hammerfest. Here you will hear many stories, both dramatic, about scares and some historical ones:

  • About the name Hammerfest
  • Pomor trade
  • The importance of polar bears
  • Northern Lights – did you know that they scared the kids with the Northern Lights?
  • Napoleonic Wars
  • City Fire
  • The multicultural Hammerfest
  • Hammerfestingen
  • A tribute to the ladies

How the audio guide Voice Of Norway works

  • Click on to download the Voice Of Norway app for free
  • The map shows the way to the places (GPS)
  • Audio stories start automatically when you're in the right place
  • The stories have professional narration 
  • Photos complement what you see
  • Available all year round and around the clock
  • Remember earbuds for a great listening experience


  • Location: Hammerfest
  • Type of activity: Adventures
  • Season: Winter, Summer
  • Capacity:

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