Deep sea fishing

Imagine a 20-foot boat rocking on the steady dares of the sea. Golden light from the midnight sun sparkles over the water. The smell of sea in the nose, and the taste of salt water in the flesh, as we say here in the north. Do you like the idea? Then our deep-sea fishing adventure is for you. Would you rather have an experienced guide with you? No problem that either.

Whether you go out alone or with us – here you can catch cod, halibut, pollock, redfish, catfish, sea trout, sea salmon and more, and if you are lucky you will catch glimpses of whales, sea eagles and seals along for the ride.


  • Location: Seiland
  • Type of activity: Fishing
  • Season: Summer
  • Capacity:
    Seiland Explore was established in 2005 by André Larsen and his wife Marilou who still own and manage the company.

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