History walk on St. Vinna

Due to its proximity to deep-sea fishing, this was a strategic place to live. Since the early 20th century, this was the "center" of Sørøysundet. Fishing brought hundreds of settlers to Vinna, and there was a fishing port, a shop, a boarding school and a post office with banking services. In the autumn of 1944 everything was burned down, but the inhabitants would return, and the next ten years were marked by busy lives and the building of society. Unfortunately, centralization policies led to the demise of society once again.

This tour starts in Hønseby, and you will be taken by boat to Vinna. The sea route was important for transport in the old days, as the E6 is today. If one lived by the sea, close to fishing opportunities and owned a small piece of land, one lived centrally. The trip to Store Vinna takes about 15 minutes. We're going to go ashore on beaches and see ruins. Between the mountains you will be able to feel the will and activity of a bygone era. You can see, feel and experience history as you stroll along overgrown paths and ruins. Weather permitting, you can also try your luck fishing!


  • Location: Seiland
  • Type of activity: Adventures
  • Season: Summer
  • Capacity:
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