Shoreline trip

Children love to go hiking on the shore where they can look for seaweed pranks, other animals, and treasures big and small. They can play hide and seek between rocks and rocks, run, climb and enjoy themselves.

For us adults, it gives peace of mind to walk along the shoreline and think about all or nothing. If you are the playful type, this will be a wonderful experience for both you and the children.

We Finnmarkings love to light fires on the shore, grill sausages and marshmallow. If you can find some driftwood, this is perfect for lighting a fire.


  • Location: Seiland
  • Type of activity: Adventures
  • Season: Summer
  • Capacity:
    Seiland Explore was established in 2005 by André Larsen and his wife Marilou who still own and manage the company.

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