Boat trip

We also have one of Norway's most beautiful national parks, Nordre Seiland National Park right outside our living room window.

Seiland Explore takes you on short or long boat trips to our beautiful fjords. Experience the rich flora and fauna that Seiland has to offer and enjoy the sight of sea eagles, fish flakes, small and large whales and exciting stories from our experienced and pocket-familiar guides. 

Together we travel to the national park treasures Bottlefjorden or Jøfjorden and experience unforgettable scenery and unique stories from the war, fishing and nature, among other things. We have experienced and told stories from Seiland through several generations and want to tell them to you. On the trip we make beach cuts down the glaciers or on one of the small islands that surround Seiland and you get the opportunity to go for small or larger walks in the surroundings and enjoy Seiland's rich plant and animal life.

The boat trip also takes you past a protected nature reserve with a fantastically beautiful bird cliff teeming with life. Join us then!


  • Location: Seiland
  • Type of activity: Activities
  • Season: Winter
  • Capacity:
    Seiland Explore was established in 2005 by André Larsen and his wife Marilou who still own and manage the company.

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