Fishing with Sørøya Gjestestue

Outside Sørøya Guesthouse there are many beautiful fishing areas. Both in the fjord and further out at sea there are very good fishing opportunities, summer and winter. In the surrounding waters, halibut/helleflyndre, big cod/skrei, catfish and Russian crab are fished. Guests at the guesthouse who rent boats from us can check the crab pot freely. If there are crabs in it, our guests get to keep them. The record-breaking halibut that can be fished in the fjord outside the guesthouse are a major attraction. The South Island is famous for big fish. Single-handedly pulling up a fish weighing 14-100 kilograms makes a lasting impression. Sørøya holds many fishing records for rod fishing for several fish species. Halibut fishing usually begins in mid-May. In that time, King Crab Fishing is also very good. Why not both... On the South Island there are an estimated thousand lakes with trout and char. There are also many fine trout and char lakes in Sandøybotn. Some lakes just a short walking distance from the guesthouse – after ten minutes walk you are at good fishing waters. About two kilometers from the guesthouse there is a place called Strømmen. It is by a bridge that the sea flows in and out under, depending on the tide. There is also a nice sandy beach there. You can rent a lavvu from us for such a trip if you wish to spend the night outside. June, July and August are considered to be the best time for inland fishing. Trout fishing can take place well into September, while char fishing is best until mid-August. In winter you can fish on the ice in these lakes and you can choose to hire us for a guided snowmobile tour to go fishing along the snowmobile trail that goes to the guesthouse and cabins.


  • Location: Sørøya
  • Type of activity: Fishing
  • Season: Winter, Summer
  • Capacity:
    The guesthouse is located in Sandøybotn in scenic surroundings on the outer side of Sørøya close to the farm Gammelhjem.

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