All-inclusive winter tour


• In winter there are several activities that the Kokelv people do. And we have picked out some of the activities that we can offer the group to carry out. 

• Guides during these activities are people who live in Kokelv. That way, you are assured of years of experience that they want to show the group. In this way, a safe passage out in the area is also ensured.

• Ice fishing is always popular. Locally we have a nice fishing lake nearby where you often get nice fry fish up to 1kg. We bring an ice fishing tent and a frying pan.

• Snowmobile tours are an important leisure activity. A trip along the coast to spectacular Revsnes in very varied terrain and with serving of a hot meal well ahead. Or a nice trip over the mountains to Skaidi.

• Finnmark and dog sleds have become popular in recent years. We offer a trip up our wonderful Kokelvdal.

• Snowshoeing to the nearest lake to "hunt" the Northern Lights is popular. Even though the entire destination is already located in the Northern Lights flume itself. 


• We have several different facilities that the group can stay in. Many people prefer our simple sleeping huts. Here you sleep incredibly well and you don't hear any sounds.

• The big gamma itself is more modern and has furnishings like a modern cabin should be.

• Our comfortable Arctic Dome is located at the top of the plot. Imagine lying here watching the Northern Lights and waking up to the view over Revsbotn. Such experiences are remembered.

• Maybe a sea eagle is flying by. It may be hunting for the fox that may come strolling.

• Some people prefer our Luxury Cabin which is truly styled as a very modern cabin. It's on the other side of the river and you feel like you're at the end of the world. Many people sit in the window and look out over Revsbotn while "hunting" for the Northern Lights.


  • Location: Kokelv
  • Type of activity: Activities
  • Season: Winter
  • Capacity: 2-4 max
    Ranveig and Frank Jon are hosts to guests staying at the luxury cottage and in the arctic dome. The history of Aurora and midnightsun glamping started about 15 years ago.

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