Summer dogsledding on wheels

Dogsledding with the Pirate Huskies is more than standing behind a team of dogs. You will participate in the full experience of harnessing the huskies, steering the wagon wheel and socialize with them before and after the run. Learn to prepare the huskies for the ride and how to steer the four wheeled wagons. A professional guide will answer any questions you may have about dog sledding and huskies.

This is an amazing way to experience nature in interaction with animals. Get up close and personal with the pointed ears, happy eyes, smiley faces, and wagging tails of our Siberian Huskies.

Once everything is ready, we´ll set off for a tour in beautiful Arctic landscape. The guide will always lead the first team, and the rest will follow through the trail out in the terrain. There will be several breaks along the way, to take in the view while we let the dogs rest and make sure they´re enjoying the tour while keeping hydrated. The carts are solid, with proper breaks, and equipped with a seat on the front. Two people on each cart. You will have a chance to switch who is musher (driver) and passenger about halfway. The guide will gladly take photos of you with your dog team as a reminder of your wonderful Arctic adventure. Children can sit in the front while a parent or the guide, steer the wagon. Smaller children can sit in the front together with an adult.

The adventure is finished up with a hot beverage and some snack, around out fireplace in the dog yard.

The tours are on request as it is important that it is cold enough - max 10 degrees Celsius. Often, we drive in the evening to make sure it is cold enough for the polar dogs. Dog sledding on wheels is perfect for chilly summer days and for the autumn, when the weather is not so warm. It´s also the perfect activity for a rainy day! 

Participants must be in good shape and want to be actively involved. We provide all necessary gear, instruction, hospitality, and a coffee break.


  • Location: Porsanger
  • Type of activity: Activities
  • Season: Summer
  • Capacity:
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