The taste of Hammerfest - a food guide
Photo: Visit Hammerfest
Photo: Visit Hammerfest
Photo: Visit Hammerfest

Hammerfest is "the food city" in Finnmark based on the variety of gastronomical offers of both local and different international food. 


Local food - with a twist 
In Hammerfest you have the opportunity to taste high quality food from local suppliers, such as reindeer meat from the Finnmark platou, or delicacies from the Barents sea. Cod, salmon, king crab and cloudberries are good examples of local favorites. And we love to mix traditions with the modern kitchen, and make combinations such as reindeer tacos, clipfish burgers or sushi. And by the way, according to TripAdvisor Niri Sushi in Hammerfest is the best (the highest rated) sushi restaurant in Northern Norway! There you can try combinations with salmon, whale meat, king crab and many more! Other local specialities are reindeer steak with mushroom sauce, or halibut filet.

An exciting variety of international food
The fact that it lives people from more than 80 different nationalities in Hammerfest may explain the variety of the food offers here. You will find Chinese, Thai, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, American, Turkish and Syrian food to mention some. What about tapas? Or the famous "Kaikanten pizza"? There are burgers, steaks, ramen soups, asian curries and spring rolls - you name it. 

Kafé culture 
The kafé culture is strong here in Northern Norway, and also in Hammerfest. Especially on saturdays, the locals like to meet up at kafés for a cup of coffee, a waffle or a slice of cake. Try the Norwegian classic "kvæfjordkaka", also known as "the world's best"-cake. You can try it any day of the week, and if you want to hang out with the locals it's a good idea to find a kafé offering a lot of cakes - that's where you find us Norwegians. If you are visiting Hammerfest in the summer, you will find us sitting on a table outside as soon as the sun is shining! 

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