An archipelago – Sørøya, Seiland og Rolvsøya

Photo: Allan Klo

Photo: Allan Klo

Photo: Visit Hammerfest

Photo: Allan Klo

Photo: Allan Klo


Sørøya is «The green island in the North”, half of Seiland is a National Park, and Rolvsøya is the perfect place to breath. 

“Sørøya” can be translated to “South Island”, ironically, as it is located in the northernmost part of Norway. The nature, however, may remind you the green fields in hobbit-land, located on another “South Island” located on the other side of the world. The fourth largest island in Norway can offer a huge variety of impressions, from the white sandy beaches, to rocky mountains and cute fishing villages, in between the green fields of grass and sheep poop. People go to Sørøya to explore this variety, by hiking day in and day out. Some people actually cross the whole island, even though it take days and for several of them there is no phone connection! In other words, welcome to Paradise. 

Big fish. Like really big ones.
Sørøya, Seiland and Rolvsøya is an paradise for deep sea fishing! Sørøya also holds several records for big fish caught at sea. Like cod, which Norwegians loves! Someone even eats it on Christmas eve. Huuuuge halibuts is also a popular fish, and they are quite tricky to catch. In Akkarfjord and Sandøybotn (Sørøya), Hønseby (Seiland) and Tufjord (Rolvsøya) there is possible to rent rooms or cabins, boats and fishing equipment. If you’re not into fishing, you should go on a boat trip anyway. Why, you ask? Well, sea birds, seal colonies and whales are some good reasons to explore the coast around these islands! At Seiland you can even visit a national park by boat! There is so much to see. And in summer, you get a 24 hour window to do so per day, as the sun never sets. A perfect way to experience the midnight sun can also be by the lighthouse at Tarhalsen, Sørøya.

Most popular hikes on Sørøya
1. Storsand (easy)
2. Sandfjellet (easy/medium)
3. Kjøttvikvarden (easy/medium)
4. Tarhalsen (hard)
5. Sørøya på langs (don’t even think about it unless you have a lot of experience)

Seiland National park
Fancy exploring a national park where few others have ever been? Seiland National Park is knows as "the last available national park" in Norway. 
The park houses two small glaciers, mountains, rivers and a lot of rare plants and flowers. 

Camels. Yes, you read correctly.
“The Arctic camels” also lives at Sørøya. Do not worry, these camels are not imported from Africa. The camels in Akkarfjord can berry temperatures down to minus 40 degrees celsius, and they love to play in the snow during winter. There is a camel mother, father and their two camel babies. They are huge, but also very lovable – and yes – you can meet up with them and give them a cuddle of you like.

Eco philosophy
Have you heard about it? The idea of living a less material life, but rather to respect and take good care of the earth, and the relationship with yourself and your beloved ones. That is the principle of “Polaroasen” in Akkarfjord, where groups can rent a house in order to have a meaningful stay – enjoy the silence, focusing on art projects, relaxing, rewinding or whatever you’ll like – with respect to the beautiful Sørøya.

In the fishing village Tufjord at Rolvsøya you can try out the glamorous camping life - glamping! Sleep on a thick matrass inside of an old fish barn. 

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