Approved by Visit Hammerfest – a local badge of quality
Photo: Visit Hammerfest
Photo: Visit Hammerfest

Approved by Visit Hammerfest

Visit Hammerfest has the quality brand "Approved by Visit Hammerfest" in 2021. In the Hammerfest region, you are able to see this brand on marketing materials, restaurant windows, clothing and on our suppliers' websites.approvedbylogo

Visit Hammerfest has a vision that our region shall deliver world-class urban and arctic experiences, and this is a step in the desired direction. Hammerfest as a place and region already offers urban and spectacular arctic experiences, but in order to reach out to "world-class experiences", the destination company in collaboration with all the travel companies must work purposefully to raise the level of professionalism, quality and safety.

We want our guests to have a safe and good experience, and by booking services and experiences through the suppliers with this quality label, you as a guest know that it is a serious player that is part of the organized tourism and that extends towards our common vision.

The focus on responsible tourism has increased considerably in recent years, and guests set strict quality requirements for companies today. With the "Approved by Visit Hammerfest" requirements - we are putting a requirement on the companies to be responsible, which in turn gives guests the opportunity to make safe choices.

Approved by Visit Hammerfest will ensure:
• Quality
• Professionalism
• Safety

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