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You can find the time schedules for all public transportation in the region on

If you are camping at Storvannet NAF Camping they have showers as well as many other sanitary and service options. For more information visit them at

If you are staying with a motorhome down at the Motorhome RV Camping, the Motorhome RV Camping have their own deal with Thon Hotel regarding toilets, sauna and showers with towels. For more information regarding the services the Motorhome RV Camping provide, visit

If you are parked with a boat, the docks have a building with showers located at Fuglenes next to Kai 8. For more information regarding services you can visit them at

The only place in Hammerfest to rent Bikes/E-bikes is the Arctic Sea Hotel.

On Sørøya Polaroasen and Akkar Brygge also has Bike rental.

You can use Norwegian crowns (NOK) or visa card at the automats.

However it is recommended that you download the EasyPark-app for your phone. It's easy to use.

Nissensenteret (the mall) holds an ATM.

A smaller amount of money can also be withdrawn at our general convenience stores around town as well as the post office.

We have a pharmacy located in the mall at Sjøgata 9

and at Strandgata 8, seaside.

Most over the counter Medicine and first aid supplies can be found at general convenience stores.

Yes, to guarantee availability we recommend booking before arrival. 

How do I get to?

The Viewpoint is located at Salen, which can be easily accessed either by a short hike up the zigzag road, or by car around the mountain. The start of the zigzag road can easily be seen from above the Pavilion in the town center.

You can take the speedboat to Sørøya from Hammerfest port which goes to Akkarfjord, Langstrand as well as Hasvik.

You can also go to Hasvik with a car ferry from Øksfjord, so if you wish to bring a car this may be the best option.

Allways check the scheduals before departure at, as the times may vary.

Nature and Tours

The camels are located on the North side of Sørøya at Akkarfjord, under the auspices of PolarOasen.

The northern lights are only visible during a dark night sky.

Between the months of October and March is the best time of the year to see northern lights.

Tyven, The Tyven trail head can be found at - Tunnellbakken 12, 9603 Hammerfest

Storfjellet, the Trailhead starts at Varfjellveien directly behind Hammerfest airport.

Rødekors Hut, the trailhead starts at the top of Sætergamdalen, the road is called “reinlia”

Northern lights can be spotted nearly anywhere in Finnmark, the Main criteria is a Dark night sky, followed by as little light pollution as possible. (street lights, etc)

The Arctic circle has a rather different Night/day cycle in terms of daylight & night sky. In Hammerfest the midnight sun is apparent from 16th of May to 27th July. During this window of time the sun never goes below the horizon and can be seen 24 hours of the day as long as the clouds don’t obscure the sun.

Sights and city attractions

The Struve Geodetic Arc is located at Fuglenes, right next to the the schoolyard, and is easily accesible.

For Google Maps search: Struve Hammerfest

Reindeer can be found on salen, where Mihkkal Sara offers a hike with reindeers.


The Speedboats can bring smaller vehicles, but it needs to be agreed upon in advance of the trip.

Customer support phone: +47757 71888

You can find the bus schedules at the main bus stops in the town center. In addition all public transportation schedules can be found at

When you board a bus, you pay the bus driver. When boarding a ferry, an employee will come around to sell the tickets to people who have boarded and taken a seat.

The application called 'Snelandia mobillett' can also be used to prepurchase tickets.

Hammerfest can be accessed with bus and airplane from Tromsø and Alta.

There is also a speedboat going between Hammerfest and Alta, as well as Hurtigruten that travels the Norwegian coast.

  • Hammerfest Taxi (phone +47 78411234)
  • Skaidi & Kvalsund taxi (phone +47 4165 9560)
  • The Application “svippr” can be used for local transportation
  • Bus number 132 goes to and from the airport
  • Bus number 130 stops 100 meters from the airport
  • Check for timetables.
  • Hammerfest Airport is approximately 45 minutes walking distance from the city centre

We have multiple public transportation options. Timetables can be found at

A car can be very practical and can be a huge freedom to have while you are roaming the region. Both Avis and Hertz have car rentals.

Tourist information can be visited at Strandgata 29, Hammerfest 9601

Digital tourist information can be found:

  • Nissen Hammerfest senter
  • Hammerfest municipality building
  • Thon hotel Hammerfest
  • Smart hotel Hammerfest
  • Akkar Brygge
  • Måsøy municipality building
  • Havøysund hotel 

Hammerfest post office can be found at Coop Bryggen, Strandgata 52, 62, 9600 Hammerfest

Måsøy Post office can be found at Coop Prix Havøysund, Torget 2, 9690 Havøysund

We recommend Forsøl as the best place to see the midnight sun, however there are many beautiful places to gaze the midnight sun.

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